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Coffee Maker

How to properly Brew Coffee

There are many products in the market that are packaged to be served instantly, with people busy round the clock with work, home and workouts, it’s difficult to spend time on with friends and family. But when you do get time, the best way to enjoy your time with loved ones is with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

There are many ways to make coffee, but the best coffee you will ever taste in one that you brew yourself at home,  by first roasting coffee beans, grinding and boiling them. Let’s take you through the process step by step.


Raw coffee beans are seeds obtained from the Coffea plant that germinates purple or red berries (also called stone fruit). Inside these stone fruits there is a pair of green stones joined by their flat side famously known as the coffee beans. Raw coffee beans needs to be processed in order to be fermented and then roasted once they have dried. When coffee beans are roasted, they double in size and acquire brown color, their chemical properties also change.


Once the coffee beans are roasted, they need to be ground to continue with the brewing process. The more finely ground coffee beans are, better the flavor of coffee. If in case the coffee is not ground properly, the coffee beans might not give out the full essence and bring that added flavor to your coffee. Grinding process includes burr-grinding, chopping, pounding or roller grinding, for which there are different coffee grinders available.


After grinding coffee beans the next step is to boil them on a temperature of 205 °F (96 °C) which will enable the coffee beans to release their aromatic oils, giving color and flavor to your coffee. In the boiling process, coffee beans are mixed added to the boiling water into the coffee grinder, the filter inside the grinder retains the fine coffee grind and extract. The boiling process requires the correct time and the correct temperature to get the best flavor and preserve its properties. The easiest way to boil os to put ground coffee beans into a cup and adding hot water.


Finally, the coffee extract must be separated from the liquid coffee to get a proper coffee beverage. Once you have successfully brewed the coffee, pour it into your favorite mug and drink it immediately in order to enjoy the optimal taste your freshly brewed coffee has to offer. Because coffee begins to lose its taste moments after it stops brewing. The secret is in drinking it within a few minutes. Do not try to overheat the coffee once it is brewed, because it will ruin the flavor.

In order to make the best coffee at home. These three easy steps will get you the perfect cup of coffee that you have been yearning to enjoy with your loved ones. Remember to add the right amount of water and temperature to get the best flavor.

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